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Hello dear visitor! I’m Sokhibjon Orzikulov, who is famous under the nickname Genemator. I’m glad to see you visit my website. For the beginning, let me introduce myself. I’m a Senior Full-Stack developer with more than 7 years of experience. Although I professionally code using 7 different programming languages as JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, C, C++, Assembler, Python2, Python3. I mainly use C++ for its total control and wide range of functions. That said, my knowledge is not limited to coding. I am also a specialist in creating 3D driven video and photo. Besides, I prefer Cinema 4D as 3D engine and utilize Adobe Products for editing purposes. I can also create different songs and music for my projects by using special applications on a professional level. For the time being, I am a second-year student at Westminster International University in Tashkent. My nationality is Uzbek and I’m only 19 years old 😎



As everybody knows, there are multiple directions in IT sphere and all of them specialize in some kind of skills.

  • Front End

    With the help of trendy JavaScript frameworks as React, Vue or maybe Next.JS I can build speedy and beautifully designed web apps with out-of-box functionalities.

  • Back End

    I am able to build up my own server from zero to hero with various programming languages and frameworks. For example, Express.js on Node.js, Django or Flask on Python, also Oak on

  • Database

    Thanks for database programming knowledge, I have possibilities to create server with fully integrated datasets. As an example, postgresql, mysql, vanilla sql and so on.

  • Scripting

    With my knowledge on Bash, ZSH or V programming language, I can build my environment & build scripts, startups or unit tests for project on ease.

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