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Genemator's V1 Next.js website

June 13, 2020

Genemator Sakhib

You might be questioning yourself that, why I created this portfolio website when I have one at bsba team's website. This website totally focuses on me and on my works and experience that I have been collecting since 2012. I wasn't allowed to write or do something at my own as the team belongs to 4 senior developers including myself. The only solution for that was making another website where I can freely act on my own. Finally, I crafted this website with the help of trendy and powerful Javascript frameworks & libraries in order to have the best performance and impression.

Website was created in Next.JS and Tailwind CSS. As everybody knows that Next.JS includes famous frameworks as React and submodules of react. Nowadays, popular companies like twitch, nike or even tik tok are originating their website with Next.JS. In addition, they are not facing with any optimisation or request issue, and I think it's a big plus for Vercel's (creators of Next.JS) team.

When Next.js was released, I was keen on that library and fascinated using it on my projects. However, a few weeks ago, I came into a decision using it on my own website for the first experience. I started reading documentations and proceeding to learning step provided by Next.js itself. If you want to try yourself, "press me" and I'll take you to the tutorial website.