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Update V2

August 17, 2020

Genemator Sakhib

In the first release, I crafted website from zero to bootstrap, which was actually kinda template website. I actually tried and tested lots of layouts, grids and flexboxes in order to see what kind of structure does suit for my website best. I actually redesigned whole website to black & white design. To be honest, I love black color. I wanted to make my website's style as much as I want, because this website is my personal website where my visitors will have their impression about my coding and designing style.


I added a new webpage called posts. This page renders all posts saved on /posts path and shows markdown + json file on meta view. At the beginning, I thought that it would be better to make my website database connected. However, due to some connectivity circumstances, I decided to make database localy hosted and stored all data things to public files.


This webpage is designed to be an introductory page of myself. I tried to make it responsive and well-designed as possible as. However, this page is still not finished and will be updated in future releases. At the moment, there exists a few easter eggs on /about page.


There were some design ui bugs as 3D polyfill glitches, etc. A few of them were fixed on V2, but the rest of them still remains unfixed.