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Extensional modules with V3

August 20, 2020

Genemator Sakhib

This update brings three new modules that takes my portfolio website to the next level.

New modules

  1. eXplorer
  2. Music Station
  3. Socials


A module that serves to discover or manage github hosted projects created, maintained or contributed by Genemator Sakhib. Module works with an API provided by GitHub. In order to render items, module uses prism js for codes and stuffs or markdown support forREADME or markdown based note files. Visit the page to see and experience the feature.

Music Station

This module serves for music management. By visiting this webpage, you can play and enjoy with musics that are picked and collected by me, Genemator! This module uses Yandex Music's API & scripts. When you first time visit the webpage, you won't be able to listen musics fully, in order to bypass restriction, you should have subscription or membership of Yandex Music service.


This webpage takes and showcases my media links where you can get more specified info or contact with me. Webpage is not completely developed yet. However, webpage will still continue receiving updates.