My yearly life quotes which I create being motivated from a story of the year.

Nobody will hate you if don’t tell about your existence!

This is my very own quote that I've made it up being mistaken on choice of relatives.

Thank you 2020 for everything!

Probably, this is the one of worst year. My whole family got blamed whilst we were true. I lose my girlfriend and some close people... Strange, everything is going dark...

This life awarded you with a day, so don't forget to say "Hello World" in response.

Applied for a university and became a student of WIUT.

Why my program is perfectly running from the first time???

The year when I became Master Developer.

Jackal jigars for a waste of time.

I met a few guys who are became my fake friends later after introductory.

From today, I'm your sensei!

When I for the first time ever got a follower student whom I shared with my experiences.

See ya later, happiness.

When I got regret from the one whom I loved.

Damn education, hello socialization.

School staffs didn't reward me with my eligible achievements and then I started to drop studies.

At the first sight of you...

The time when I felt the feeling 'love' for the first time.

print "first step to the future"

My first hello world program executed on python2

My dear class teacher, the demoness from the hell.

School times when I used to have a very very bad class teacher.

The born of Sultan to be success.

My little brother was born.

Brothers for gaming life.

Old & warm memories when I used to play Modern Warfare 2 with my brothers.

Study for achievements, forget the future...

My first step to the school time.

The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.

We moved to Tashkent after our house purchase.

I'll be back, Tennese!

Me with my family flew back to Uzbekistan, Termez.

Thank you for warm memories, Murfresboro City Pre-School.

I graduated Murfresboro's City Pre-School at that year.

American best girl friend not girlfriend.

I met a latino girl friend who is used to be like sister.

Sister from Tennessee?

My middle sister, Mumtozbegim was born in that year.

Are you ready for an American Journey?

In that year, for the first time I flew to the USA.

std::cout << "Hello World!";

The day when I was born.